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Intel 5500 (Tylersburg 24D) + ICH10R

posílám info z HWiNFO32 - Server Dell PE T410

Problem je s detekcí SPD u paměťových modulů a s detekcí SAS disků - ty jsou v RAID poli přes DELL Perc6/i řadič.

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Hi Lada,

Haven't seen you for a long time Wink
I'll respond in english, so all users can understand this (public forum).

There seems to be a SMBus Mux which controls access to SPD modules. This is a vendor-specific feature (usually controlled via GPIO pins) and I have no information on how to control it for this mainboard Sad I don't think there's a way how to get the description (GPIO pin # at least) from the vendor..
SAS disks are currently not supported by HWiNFO32.


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