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Intel ASIC encoder/decoder usage(VID)
Hey Martin, i noticed than MSI Afterburner display two percentage values to Intel integrated GPU. One is iGPU load and the second one is supposed to be the ASIC video encoder/decoder load. In Afterburner Unwinder named it "VID" which can be confused with voltage stats but it shows a percentage load.

Is there anyway to make HWinfo display that info if it's available by Intel?
I don't have information how to read such values yet, but will do some investigation Wink
Added monitoring of Intel GPU (GT) and Media Engine Usage for Skylake and later iGPUs.

Still waiting this for Haswell..
Sorry, but I don't have the required information for Haswell (yet).
Task manager read "video decode" at same load as Afterburner when encoding/decoding video with Quicksync/Hawell. Aparently Haswell has only one engine displaying encoding and decoding load. For my NVIDIA Kepler card it shows encoding and decoding at distincts engines.

There should be someway to find it out for HWinfo. Is there no information for developers about this "multiple engines" task manager is capable to display for users?
Working on this, stay tuned Wink
Check the new Beta build 3320 Wink
EDIT: Released in v5.72
(01-18-2018, 10:27 AM)Martin Wrote: Check the new Beta build 3320 Wink
EDIT: Released in v5.72

Thanks Martin! Nice done, video encoding/decoding fields working properly with Haswell now.

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