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Intel E6750 CPU, but only see sensor data from Core #0

I can't see data from Core #1 sensor.

[Image: sensores-215613.JPG]

Attached report and debug files.


Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO32.DBG (Size: 497.98 KB / Downloads: 1)
.zip   Report (Size: 13.65 KB / Downloads: 1)
I'll try to implement a patch for this situation, but not sure if it will really fix.
You might also check in the BIOS if/how the Multiprocessor support is enabled there.
In BIOS is all Ok.

In devices manager ACPI multiprocessor:

[Image: dibujo-215646.jpg]

In WinXP task manager appears two cores usage:

[Image: dibujo2-215647.jpg]

In SpeedFan also, usage and temp:

[Image: dibujo3-215696.jpg]

But i love HWiNFO with Riva Tuner OSD support, monitoring resources in real time in 3D games. Very useful searching bottleneck CPU <-> GPU [Image: thumbsup.gif]

I'll release a patch in the next Beta build. Please let me know in case that new Beta won't fix this.
Hi, the beta 1560 not fix the issue.

But i see that the issue only appears if i launch the HWiNFO with affinity to Core 1 or to Core 0.

When launch it with affinity at two cores at same time, can read sensors of two cores.

I always launch the programs with affinity to Core 1, and leave Core 0 free for the main program.

Now, i launch HWiNFO with affinity 0+1 , and when the program is loaded, change affinity on the fly to Core1, and HWiNFO can run perfect reading two sensors with affinity to Core 1.

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