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Intel QST?
What is Intel QST? It's showing up on the sensor page with no information.

I'm unable to get a debug log since the program hangs at "Analying PCI Bus.." with the debug flag enabled.

See attached.


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.zip (Size: 119.98 KB / Downloads: 48)
Intel QST is an Intel-specific standard for monitoring of all kinds of hardware values. It's built in the chipset as an Intel Management Engine subservice. Usually the QST delivers many values and HWiNFO32 displays them.
Without a Debug File it's hard for me to determine what happens in this situation. You might want to check if there's an updated version of the Intel HECI driver available, or try a BIOS upgrade if available.
In case HWiNFO32 hangs during Debug Mode, you can send me the HWiNFO32.DBG file it created and I could check why it happens. What happens in this case - does the complete system crash, freeze or just the HWiNFO32 hangs? How long have you waited (since in Debug Mode the scan on some systems might take much longer than without Debug Mode).
The first few items it analyzes with the debug flag enabled goes by fast. It hits "Analyzing PCI .." and hangs. I left it for a few minutes watching a video clip on another computer, came back, clicked on it and Windows 7 pops up saying the program stopped responding.

I'll run it again when I get a chance (not in front of the computer now) and will let it run longer. I'll post the debug file it creates.

The HWiNFO32.DBG file will be created even if it hangs. So if you attach it, I can analyze where the process has stopped and try to issue a fix. Then I hope we might proceed to check the QST issue.
Here's the debug file that was created. I didn't leave it as long for this log file but I have it with me on the USB drive that I ran the program from.

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.dbg   HWiNFO32.DBG (Size: 53.49 KB / Downloads: 42)
I'm not sure if this debug has ended at a place where it really crashed or it just needed more time.
You can try two things:
1. In the "Configure" menu enable the "Low-level PCI Access" option
2. Run the Debug mode again and try to wait a bit more
Please let me know about the results.
I left it to run in debug mode for 10 minutes without the bar moving. Log file attached.

I enabled the low level pci access, walked away from the computer and it was loaded by the time I got back 10 minutes later. Attached that log as well.


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.zip (Size: 113.22 KB / Downloads: 42)
According to the debug data it seems the QST client in chipset doesn't respond (more precisely it responds, but all data are zero). Can you try to perform a BIOS update or check some settings in BIOS (related to HECI, Manageability Engine or QST) ?

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