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Is there a way to change the amount of samples displayed on the graph?
I'm talking about the windowed graph, the one you get when you right click on a value and click "show graph", and not the OSD graph.

Is there any way to extend the amount of time it shows?  Say, 2 hours worth, instead of whatever it is now?
The only way is to either increase width of the window or change the sampling rate in HWiNFO settings.
Another alternative would be to log all sensor values using the logging function and then examine the results using a tool like this: or any other tool (i.e. Excel) that can import Comma Delimited Files (CSV).
lol, I didn't even think that just resizing the window would widen the x-axis, thank you, that helped. And I checked out that log viewer, it's pretty handy too.

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