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LogViewer for HWINFO is available !
Hi Thomas,

I didn't really understand your problem so far. But maybe some explanations help:
  • GenericLogViewer shows the sensor data always in relative times
  • So, all diagrams start always with 00:00:00
  • Independent what you can see in the csv-logfiles, e.g. "12.6.2015,19:33:10.332,..." 
The reasons are 
  • usage of time windows makes only sense with relative times
  • comparing multiple logfiles makes only sense with relative times
Hope this helps (?)

Btw: it's a good idea to upload the "problem" csv-logfile, that I or others can crosscheck the problem. 

Best regards
GenericLogViewer fails with some columns.

Take for instance the CSV produced by hwinfo here:

If I open that in genericlogviewer and try to look at the column "Temperature1 [C]" the graph is semi-garbage, varying up and down from 0 to 28. Import the file into a spreadsheet and you can see the same column (EE) never dips below 33C.

In genericlogviewer:

Chart made in google sheets:
Hi jdorje,

thanks for reporting the potential bug and especially for uploading the csv-file !

The problem are the following column/sensor names, which contain the "," delimiter of the csv-file:
  • IA: Electrical Design Point/Other (ICCmax,PL4,SVID,DDR RAPL) [Yes/No]
  • IA: Package-Level RAPL/PBM PL2,PL3 [Yes/No]
  • GT: Max VR Voltage, ICCmax, PL4 [Yes/No]
  • GT: Package-Level RAPL/PBM PL2,PL3 [Yes/No]
  • RING: Max VR Voltage, ICCmax, PL4 [Yes/No]
  • RING: Package-Level RAPL/PBM PL2,PL3 [Yes/No]
I agree, it should be allowed to use comma within column/sensor names, especially because they are defined within "..", but actual version of GenericLogViewer = 3.0 does not support column name patterns like ".. , ..". I'm sorry about that! Update: problem is fixed with version 3.1, see Reply #44 below !

You can simple solve the problem by using ";" instead of "," for your column/sensor names: (Update: not longer necessary since version 3.1, see Reply #44 below)
  • IA: Electrical Design Point/Other (ICCmax;PL4;SVID;DDR RAPL) [Yes/No]
  • IA: Package-Level RAPL/PBM PL2;PL3 [Yes/No]
  • ...
Here is a corrected version of your csv-file with usage of ";" instead of ",": 
.csv   cpu only x264 phanteks closed case (corrected).CSV (Size: 493.61 KB / Downloads: 6)

Best regards
Hi all,

I implemented a new version of GenericLogViewer 3.1 with a fix for the problem described above in Reply #43 !

Now it's possible
  • to use commas in column/sensor names

E.g. attached CSV-file in Reply #42 is working fine without editing the column/sensor names.
Hopes this makes the usage of GenericLogViewer easier ...

Download - GenericLogViewer - Version 3.1

Attention: if you want to download it, you must refer from
Very useful and concise,thank you
Great program, wonderful to use to analyze data from the logs. Great work. One suggestion I have is the ability to collapse the header (where number of diagrams and some other settings are) collapsible to have more space available for diagrams. Or maybe the ability to drag it to the point it's very small (like you can with the diagrams).

Another is maybe to allow an overlay of multiple data fields over one another? For example, so I could view my GPU vs CPU load from a log and see if they track each other or diverge at certain points in an operation. Or to view multiple cores' loads and see their utilization. You could add an option for a small legend "blue line = CPUcore0", etc. Or just let the user assign categories colors and don't display the legend to save pixel real estate.

PS: HWInfo's webpage still has v3.0, not v3.1 on it.
I have fixed the version on main page.
(03-12-2016, 09:10 AM)highbuzz Wrote: Great program, wonderful to use to analyze data from the logs. Great work. One suggestion I have is the ability to collapse the header ...

Another is maybe to allow an overlay of multiple data fields over one another? .... 

Hi highbuzz,

the possibility to collapse the header (Number of diagrams, ...) is something I will think about, it could be a new feature in the next release.

The other thing "overlaying of multiple data fields" is very complex to implement and to integrate in "the simple UI" of the LogViewer. I don't have the time to do that in the near future, so, I'm sorry, this feature will be not included. But, if you need two different categories in one diagram "for a screenshot for documentation purpose" (like a presentation, etc) you can make a "hack":
  • make a copy of your log-file
  • edit the log-file copy and exchange the position of the two categories you want to see in one diagram
I have a HWINFO log-file ("Log Original.CSV") and want to show "Physical Memory Used [MB]" amd "Physical Memory Available [MB]" in one diagram !
Without editing log-file I can show this in two diagrams:


Now we make a log-file copy ("Log Copy.CSV") and edit the copy by exchanging two column-names (in header and footer(if exists)):
  • Original:  ... ,"Virtual Memory Load [%]","Physical Memory Used [MB]","Physical Memory Available [MB]","Physical Memory Load [%]", ...
  • Copy:      ... ,"Virtual Memory Load [%]","Physical Memory Available [MB]","Physical Memory Used [MB]","Physical Memory Load [%]", ...
Attention: you only have to exchange column-names, not the log-values !

If we open now log-file copy "as second log-file", you can watch the two categories in one diagram (category: "Physical Memory Used [MB]" or "Physical Memory Available [MB]")


But again: this is really a "hack" and not receommended for daily work (and can be done with a third file/category too) !

Better you use Online CSV Log Converter/Viewer or Excel for such use cases !

Best regards
It looks like after the last windows 10 update the logViewer stop working. It's crash right when it is startng
I'm sorry, I don't have a Windows 10 installation for testing (I will stay on Windows 7  Shy ).

But is there a chance to run LogViewer in "Compatibility Mode", described in the following video: How To Change Compatibility Mode Settings in Windows 10 ?

... or you can fix the problem with the "Program Compatibility Troubleshooter" (also described in the video) ?
Download link ( here on this forum thread and in the addons.php page aren't working for me, I get redirected to the general HWiNFO download.php webpage.
I have edited the links for proper https. Please try again now.
Hi Martin,

strange ...
  • I could download it once with Internet Explorer from "Add-ons" page, never from forum thread (all retries failed)
  • Google Chrome failed all times ("Add-ons" page and forum thread)
Please try to refresh those pages and make sure the links you see start with https.
If left-click doesn't work, please try right-click and then Save-as.
Seems to be working fine now from the addons page, mucho thanks.
This is a very useful tool for the log files. Thanks for making it @TomWob
Ok so I was able to open a log file earlier - but just once.

Now I'm getting an error:

"The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime. There is an unknown word starting at index 0"

I'm really perplexed. It really worked earlier. I'm 99% sure I haven't installed or uninstalled anything since then. The file I opened earlier I cannot open. I have rebooted at least twice.

Tons of google data out there but nothing specific to HWINFO. Any ideas what occurred?
Hi Jack,

can you upload a log-file which can't be opened, otherwise analysis is not possible ...

Thanks & regards
(02-18-2018, 06:52 PM)TomWoB Wrote: Hi Jack,

can you upload a log-file which can't be opened, otherwise analysis is not possible ...

Thanks & regards


Attached Files
.csv   HWINFO - AIO Exhaust out front.CSV (Size: 928.68 KB / Downloads: 4)
Hi Jack,

I did a quick check, the last 2 lines of the file are the problem !

Typically HWINFO-log-files have the logtype description in one line in the header and sometimes in one line in the footer, your file has "2 footer lines", don't know why (?). If you delete these two last lines of your file, the file can be opened ...

Remove the following two lines (861, 862):
Date,Time,"Virtual Memory Commited [MB]","Virtual Memory Available [MB]", ...
,,System,System,System,System,System,System,System,CPU [#0]: ...

Did the logfile format changed somehow, especially the footer stuff ?


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