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Logging start/stop
Hey guys,

Anyway to start logging without (alt+tab) out of the game?

like a shortcut to start and stop logging (auto rename too Tongue)

so that we can get more accurate graphs in small sessions (starting from 0 the statistic in the Graph viewer shows up some 0(s) [FPS]

[If this has been asked kindly delete this thread Big Grin]
Such option is not currently available.
But it's on my list...
nice.. Take your time.. no rush Tongue

This should be a must have app Big Grin
you guys add features one by one.. soon it will be more awesome!
Just a gamer Big Grin
This feature will be available in the next build released - automatic logging via a user-defined hot key Wink
The update for the hotkey is absolutely fantastic! When that is release HWINFO will officially have everything I need for modding and OC.

There wouldn't happen to be an ETA on the next update?
Here you can try a pre-release of the next public Beta with this feature Wink
(01-25-2014, 09:15 AM)Martin Wrote: Here you can try a pre-release of the next public Beta with this feature Wink

Awesome, thanks! Definitely going to give the beta a test run.

Played with is a bit. Great response time and seems to work really well. The only issue is it doesn't have a default save option for when you start logging with the key Big Grin

I would suggest having it default to save to a folder of the user's choosing with "Date-Time started-Time stopped" as the default name.

Looking great so far though!
OK, I will have a look at the destination folder setting. As for the filename, it contains the timestamp when logging started (in milliseconds from system start). I think I won't change that...

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