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Logitech G13 LDC Font

I want to know if it possible to customize the font used to show my data in G13 LCD?

Looked around and seems that you only choose the size, not the font itself. Anyway to choose my own font and have size smaller than 8?

Tried to use Hardware Monitor Applet but can't figure out how it works.

Thank you for any help.
No, it's currently not possible to change the font type for LG LCD in HWiNFO.
There's an LCDHost plug-in for HWiNFO that should offer more functions and customization:
but I'm not sure if this project is still alive.
Thank you for the suggestion, but it is too much work for a thing too little.

I avoid littering my system with tons of plugins and apps to do one thing only.

Thank you and cya. =)
When, you can try to find something what is 'portable' just to check.

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