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Motherboard VRM sensor
hi, when i open hwinfo the vrm sensor is not shown but when asus aisuite 3 opens vrm appears in hwinfo. I have an asus maximus vii impact z97
Please attach two HWiNFO Debug Files: one before opening AI Suite (so when VRM sensor is not shown) and another one after opening it.
OkĀ  Smile

Attached Files
.dbg   VRM-OFF.DBG (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 3)
.dbg   VRM-ON.DBG (Size: 1.11 MB / Downloads: 1)
Thanks. This shall be fixed in the next build.
Thanks for the help. What is causing this error?
It's not an error, but the system doesn't monitor those sensors by default, it requires explicit enabling.
I have an other question. What does the value of VCOREREFIN mean, could it be related to the initial / eventual / shadow voltage or pll termination voltage? I can not find it inside the BIOS, the value shown by hwinfo is 1,968v
This sensor is most probably not used on your mainboard, so it doesn't provide valid values.

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