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Mouse Cursor Bug
When HWiNFO64.exe is running my mouse cursor stops every 2 seconds, I have the latest version, 5.54.
What's your system configuration, do you have the sensors window open?
HWiNFO report file and Debug File might be also required for analysis.
If you're using AMD GPU and upgraded to Crimson 17.7.2 you might check this:
I always have open only the sensors, minimized.
How to get report file and debug file?
I have an MSI RX 470 4GB, and I updated my gpu drivers to 17.7.2, 1-2 days before this issue occurred
Please try to disable monitoring of the "GPU Fan (OD5)" value (hit the Del key on that value, it should be then shown with a red cross) and let me know if it resolves the problem.
If it doesn't, please attach the required files as described here:
okay this solved it, but will you fix this in the future? I want to know my gpu rpm through my rainmeter skin

I tried to get this debug file anyway but I couldnt make it, it says "Then continue with the scan process" what scan process? I didnt find anything in the installation folder or documents..
OK, so the problem is actually in the AMD Radeon Software 17.7.2. You're not the first user that's reporting this.
I'm communicating this with AMD...

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