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Network DL/UP rate shows and disappears

Since I started to use HWInNFOMonitor I've noticed that the DL/UP rates for my network card are not always shown, somethimes one of them or both disappers.

When this happens I have to go to sensor configurations, layout tab and click on restore original order - sometimes after 1st attempt sometimes after few attempts it shows DL/UP rates.

How can I fix this?

.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 688.34 KB / Downloads: 2)

.htm   KUEBK-PC.HTM (Size: 152.99 KB / Downloads: 2)

Is this problem showing up only in HWiNFOMonitor, but in the HWiNFO sensors screen they are visible ?
Does this happen while having HWiNFO running, or only after starting HWiNFO ?
It does happen while HWiNFO is running and I don't see them (both or just one of them) on the sensors screen unless I restore original order.
I found some potential issues there, will try to fix it in the next build released.
BTW: seems like Total DL/Total UP are limited to 9999MB.
Sorry for misleading information, this bug is related to HWiNFOMonitor.
Yes, there is a 9999 value limit in the gadget. Please read here for more info:

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