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New User, Results Question
Hello folks,

I'm trying to track down a problem on a new build and recently installed HWiNFO to gather more data. Now, I'm not entirely sure what should stand out to me as an anomaly as it's been quite a while since I built or ran a PC (20 years...). The issue that I'm facing is random shutdowns after installing a new CPU and Memory. Not a software crash but a hardware crash where the power and reset buttons on the case no longer work and I have to turn the PSU off and back on to get the computer going again.

I downloaded HWiNFO to see if anything was overheating, but it's not. Everything is quite cool.

The question I have for this forum is that I notice a lot of very momentary 100% spikes in the CPU cores and I'm not sure if that's normal. ie. Cores 1 and 4 will jump to 100% for a moment while everything else is idle (I'm only running HWiNFO). Is that normal?

If it matters, here's the specs of my build:
Ryzen 5 2600X
GSkill Trident Z 8GBx2 3200mhz CL14
Asus Prime X370 Pro
Samsung 500GB SSD
EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 SuperClocked Black
Corsair CX650M

Thanks a bunch
I think this is quite normal, there might be some background tasks running that perform such small, but high load tasks. I suggest to check in Task Manager which processes are causing this.
ok, thanks, Martin. I will check that. If I don't see anything there that would cause random spikes would it still be relatively normal to see those spikes in HWiNFO? I tried checking a few YT videos of people using the app to see if theirs, too showed that, many did not.

I'm asking because I'm trying to rule out the processor as faulty.

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