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No 2080 Ti iCX sensors in 6.02
I've updated to HWiNFO 6.02 but have no iCX sensors for my new EVGA 2080 Ti.
Please try the latest Beta version 6.03. If it still won't work, attach the Debug File with sensor data.
(03-04-2019, 07:11 AM)Martin Wrote: Please try the latest Beta version 6.03. If it still won't work, attach the Debug File with sensor data.

Will do, was just concerned about the file signatures not matching with the 6.03 .zip...
Hi Martin,

I have version 6.03 and I have the 2080 Ti FTW3 iCX sensors but it is only detecting two of the three fans...

Edit: Also GPU Fan0 and GPU Fan1 appear to be duplicates of Fan0.

[Image: 6-03-fans.png]
I made some changes for some other iCX cards, so that might have caused that. FAN1 seems to be always controlled by NVIDIA's logic, while the others are under iCX control. That's why you get the first one shown in the NVIDIA section.
Please try the build posted here: and let me know if it's OK now.
3686 is even weirder.. Ideally we should have the three individual fan speeds in the iCX sensors section...

[Image: i-CX-fans-3686.png]
I will need the HWiNFO Debug File, without it I don't know what's going on there.
Also in case you have changed order of sensor items, is it possible that the additional fans are located at the end of sensors list?
Restoring the order didn't change anything. I think it is giving three individual fan readings but two are named Fan1... I will try setting a random rpm on each fan and observe the readings. I will get a debug asap.
When creating the DBG file, please also note the actual fan speeds. It would be great if each of them would be running at a different speed, so I can match them.
I believe that both Fan0 and Fan1 (duplicates) under the NVIDIA heading represent Fan1 shown by EVGA.
Ok as I manually adjusted the fans all three appeared in the iCX section so it appears to be working...

[Image: i-CX-working.png]
What do you think? I would say it's working wouldn't you?
I'd say so, but you have the GPU and see how ti behaves, I don't Big Grin
No worries, I can update you on how things are. I just got the 2080 Ti, still getting a feel for it yet.  Wink

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