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Nvidia-related BSOD
After running HWiNFO64 for many hours today the PC crashed with the dmp pointing to nvidia's driver and the hwinfo .exe (DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER) This is the first time it has occured and it's probably some rare nvidia driver related bug since the program is always running when the PC is on ~10 hours a day and it hasn't occured before.

I also couldn't find a DBG file in the HWiNFO64 directory if one was meant to be generated. I'm running the latest driver 382.53

A few things to note:
-I'm running a Windows Insider build(since always), so it could be that.
-I apparently was using an old version of HWiNFO64 5.44 which didn't seem to have support for the 1080ti(the card I have), which was introduced in 5.50 IIRC. I own the card since April though. I have now updated to 5.52

DMP attached.

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HWiNFO users standard NVIDIA-provided methods to access the GPU, so the fault is most probably in their drivers. Perhaps new drivers will fix that.

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