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Online Report Converter/Viewer
While the HWiNFO export file is so extensive (clean/valid xml) I made a converter for XML reports exported by HWiNFO.
An interactive and responsive output will be created. After uploading the xml you'll get a unique url.
  • Open/close subjects. Display multi columns
  • Password protected rich text editor for Comments/Descriptions. Data can be removed anytime
  • Copy/Paste value/attribute rows directly into editor, formatted automatically at save. Add custom columns/rows in there
  • Optimized print output style. Send link with message to anyone
  • Tested from 4.38-2200 to 5.38-3000
Upload your XML-Export here:
English interface
German interface
Example Link (click upload there if you want your own export converted):
English interface (from HWiNFO 5.38-3000)

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