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Online Report Converter/Viewer
For users of the old converter
If you need some of your xml's but can't find'em anymore get'em from here:
German users replace .com with .ch
Demo (From HWiNFO Report 5.60-3230)

Upload HWiNFO xml Report(s)
Select 'Sign in (NEW USER)' / 'Anmelden (NEUER USER)'

All Rigs under one roof. Rig descriptions appear on Browser tabs and on top of all printouts.
[Image: img01.png]

As soon as there are search results a button becomes active to create a printable structured list.
(The HWiNFO report is very extensive, so I thought a search opportunity might make sense)
[Image: img02.png]

Insert search result list into your mailings and add comments
[Image: img03.png]

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