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PSU Power (sum)
I have a 650w PSU. At hwinfo, psu power (sum) read for 873w while im gaming. but at corsair link it never pass 500w. is it mean i need to change psu? thx b4

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The (sum) value is a summary of all rail powers and if you look at the maximum values, you'll notice that some rails report invalid data sometimes: +3.3V, +5V and +12V report 12.2V maximum, which is not valid. So all particular max power values including (sum) are invalid too.
Such invalid values are most probably caused by running the Corsair software together with HWiNFO, which results in conflicts during access. There are a few threads about this on this forum.
ah okay i will try to find it. i already did the search but cant find it. thx for the info!!
Btw then how i can get the right reading of hwinfo? Should i uninstall the corsair link?
Yes. Or you can have it installed, just don't start it.
Hmmmm - that's interesting; I don't believe I have a PSU section in the sensors screen  Would I be looking in the wrong place?

Or is my PSU/motherboard (Cooler Master 650W Bronze/Gigabyte Z270 HD3) incapable of providing the info?

Art H.
Yes, I believe your PSU is not capable of monitoring its parameters. There are only few PSUs capable of this.

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