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Packed exe
I just noticed that hwinfo exe is packed, is it really necessary? I just wanted to see in what programming language author writes this app and would like to offer assistance for tray icons drawing. Binary packing can be used for hiding of suspicious app instructions because nowadays making exe size smaller does not makes any sense, but adds some delay for unpacking on launch. Anyway I found answer for my question in the app image in memory, but please consider this small recomendation for future. Thanks for this great app.
I don't agree that executable packing is an indication of attempting to hide some nasty tricks, several other applications use it.
If you have any recommendations in C++ for tray icon drawing, you can contact me via e-mail.
I don't see any problem with packed exe files, but based on the fact that some Virus scanners trigger false alarms on those packed exe files, I'd like to know which packer you are using?

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