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Question - ASUS buggy WMI workaround
Hi Martin,

Many thanks for your work on HWiNFO!

In the release notes for 5.92 you say "Added workaround for ASUS ROG STRIX B450/X470 boards with buggy WMI implementation."

I was wondering if you could share any information on the workaround?

I have written a Linux sensors driver for the ASUS WMI interface ( but I currently exclude WMI versions < 3 or 2 with some exceptions, due to what I've read about issues on earlier versions.

If I could add support for the Strix boards that report version 0 that would be great  Smile

Best regards,
The workaround I added is that WMI version 1 is excluded for all boards and 2 for "ROG STRIX" series only.
Unfortunately it seems that some later BIOS versions are still buggy.
Thanks for the reply.

Agreed, Asus don't seem to be updating the WMI code in new BIOS releases. Hopefully they will some time in the future...
Well, I'm not so optimistic. It seems that ASUS lost interest in WMI sensor monitoring.
Ah, that is a shame. If properly implemented a standardised WMI interface across all their boards seems like a good idea.
This idea was created also because reading sensor values from the SIO/EC could cause issues on Ryzen mainboards, especially due to lack of synchronization with the EC.
is it possible to disable this wmi interface in options?
Yes, you need to open the HWiNFO64.INI file and put the following option at the end of the file:
thank you!

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