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Restore custom customization?
Is customization using the custom tab saved anywhere? I have a clean Windows and HWiNFO installation and copied the previous .INI file back to the new installation but none of my customization was restored. 

Also in v5.90-3550 with iCX sensors the PWR and MEM fans aren't displaying. The rest of the iCX are displaying normally, just the two missing fans...
Those settings are kept in the registry. Use the "Backup User Settings" button in main settings of HWiNFO to export them into a file, which you will then execute on the other machine. That will ask for confirmation and then import them into the local registry.

As for the PWM and MEM fans - are they spinning? If yes, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
Damn I knew there was export feature somewhere but haven't used it in a while. Is there any chance in recovering anything from a system image or will I need to customize again?

It seems the PWR and MEM fans only appear once Precision XOC or MSI Afterburner is opened, is that normal?
You'd probably need to restore the old system image and then do the export.

If those fans are spinning, HWiNFO should display them. But it's also possible that XOC activates something that makes them appear.
I'll need the Debug File to see more detail.
Oh no I will just re-customize, no biggie. What else does the backup feature usually backup? I will get back to you tomorrow with a debug file. Cheers.
It stores, user settings like window positions and customized sensor settings (names, item positions, appearance, etc.) and some machine-specific settings like GPU I2C cache for example.
Once the PWR and MEM fans have been activated they will appear HWiNFO and then seem to remain there even after Precision XOC has been closed. It all seems quite normal, nothing to be concerned about...
So are you sure those fans were not spinning before you run XOC? Or is XOC perhaps activating something that allows others to read their speed?
A Debug File before running XOC (fans not appearing) and after that might be useful to find out what's going on there.
Yes only the GPU fan spins at idle if PXOC is not running, the MEM and PWR fans remain off. Opening PXOC will make all fans start spinning...

Here is before PXOC has been run:

And after PXOC has been run:
Seems there is a problem with upload of the first file.
But anyway, I think HWiNFO is reporting properly.
I think it probably is also but I can try to get another debug file if you want..
It would be interesting for my reference.
Can you try this one, it is before the PWR and MEM fans have been recognized.
Anything of interest?
Only for my own reference.
Ok that's great. Everything seems fine on my end but I have not run the latest beta yet.

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