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RivaTuner's OSD formatting?
Hello, love the feature for the HWInfo stats to the displayed in the rivatuner OSD. There's one issue though, would it be possible to add formatting and titles to the statistics?

For example, would it be possible to have GPU Temp: XXX instead of just XXX?
In addition would it be difficult to have more than one statistic per row? As it stands right now each stat takes a new row so with 5-6 statistics it becomes really tall and distracting.

I was already thinking about both additions you suggest, however I haven't implemented them beacuse I though it would occupy too much space on the screen in such case.
Now I'll think about that even more Wink
Martin Wrote:I was already thinking about both additions you suggest, however I haven't implemented them beacuse I though it would occupy too much space on the screen in such case.
Now I'll think about that even more Wink
Ah thanks. I think if there's more per row it might shrink the overall size even more.
Right now it's very hard to read without titles because it's just a smattering of numbers and I get overloaded with information if I'm just going for a quick glance.

As for too much space occupied, I think having more per row sort of minimizes that.
Would really hope this could be done.

I was looking through RSST global and config files seems there is no direct wrapping of text sadly and according to this same thing issued couple years back by Rivatuner forums the builder answered that it's impossible. Smile
(06-04-2011, 11:46 PM)Martin Wrote: I was already thinking about both additions you suggest, however I haven't implemented them beacuse I though it would occupy too much space on the screen in such case.
Now I'll think about that even more Wink

If you do implement this, please let this be an option. I like the bare bones approach because I throw lots of my stats on the screen and want it to be less intrusive on games. I just keep track of what temps are what.

What would help though is if you could reposition the readings. Right now, the order is listed on the osd according to the position on the sensor screen. If we could rearrange that in the OSD, that would be helpful.

BTW, nice program you have here.
Both features have already been implemented. If you don't want the labels to be shown, then just disable the "Label" checkbox under RivaTuner OSD caption.
You should also be able to specify the row number using the "Line" selection.
Doh! Yeah, I do see you included the labels as an option.

Maybe I'm getting to nitpicky, but I wanted to be able to select the column for the stats instead of it displaying in order of how it appears on the sensor screen.
This is currently not possible. Might be added in future.

I used to use Riva tuner along with the gpu monitor sidebar gadget and used the sideshow add in to display all my temperatures ect on my windows phone. This worked really well, even if my pc bombed out stress testing the temp's last reading were their for me to see. also used it a lot during heavy duty war games, just enough to see the colored bars change if things started to get a bit hot.

Due to recent hardware upgrades this is no longer possible as riva tunner does not play nice with saphire trixx which i have to use to overclock my gpu (above catalyst limits and need more volts)

would it be possible to alter the gpu monitor to read hw infos data output instead of riva tuners or make your great application output directly to the gpu monitor.

I know the developer of the sidebar gadget put a lot of time and effort in making both the sidebar gadget and the sideshow side of it too and it would be great if it all worked again without crashing my pc out.
I'm sorry, but I don't understand exactly which tools you used and how is that related with HWiNFO. Which gpu monitor sidebar gadget have you used? Could you please explain more precisely? If it's a 3rd party tool, then probably the best would be to ask its authors if they are willing to implement support of HWiNFO and I can give them the required information on how to read data from HWiNFO using shared memory.

HWiNFO currently reads all the GPU information from hardware. It outputs the information into the OSD server of either RivaTuner or MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision. You can use any of these tools to display HWiNFO information in DirectX applications/games.
This is the gadget i used to use with Riva tuner, within the sidebar gadgets settings their is an option to enable sideshow support which when enabled will send all or selected sensor values to an external device via windows sideshow, the display on the sideshow device (windows mobile, logitech g19 keyboard windows pda ect).

I have had a quick play with hwinfo this evening and see that it has a sidebar gadget, i am using it as i type, no option in your very nice piece of software to send it to a sideshow device though.

My phone connected to my pc by bluetooth, i could read all the temperatures in any room in the house as long as it was within the bluetooths range, i was playing games i would have the phone sat next to my monitor and keep an eye on everything i needed too. nothing overlaid on my main screen and no squinting at a tiny lcd screen on my g15 keyboard.

I hope this explains things better than i did earlier.
Thanks for the additional information, that makes it clear now.
I cannot modify the GPU Monitor, because it's a 3rd party software and I would violate copyright. Moreover I don't have enough experience with this tool. So I think the best option would be to ask its author if he would be willing to add HWiNFO support there too. I would support him and help to do this from my side.
Other alternative would be that I add SideShow support into the simple HWiNFO Gadget. Unfortunately I don't have experience with this yet and it might take quite long to be done.
HWiNFO is free and capable of sharing data it provides, so I prefer the integration with other tool/gadget vendors which have more experience with such fancy things Wink
I have contacted him, no reply yet, although i expect he is very busy with the msi afterburner
or another one of his projects. He did write a plug in to make after burner work with his gpu monitor
gadget, so fingers crossed.

Thank you for your replies

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