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Ryzen & Core VID reading

I've just began to tinker with my BIOS settings on my Crosshair VI by putting the following :

Core Ratio : 38
Vcore : 1.35V
RAM : 3200 @ 14-14-14-34
VRAM : 1.35V
Vsoc : 1.00V

System booted fine (haven't tried anything else yet) and I first launched HwInfo and got the following :

Core VID reading stay constantly at 1.55V... Is this expected or did I do something wrong ? Thanks in advance.
This is a known bug in the CPU firmware, after startup the VID is stuck for a few minutes at 1.55V.
It should be fixed later by AMD/BIOS update.
If you're interested to learn more about the culprits of C6H and overclocking I recommend this (long) thread at OCN:
This problem (and some others) were already described there and I'm active there too.

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