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Ryzen - Socket measure vs HWInfo

I've measured vcore from my Prime X370 Pro, my readings are as following:

Say you have 1.412v LLC3 and under load it becomes 1.418v (vboost) in the multimeter but HW info shows 1.38v (vdroop)

My question is: Is this still accurate in HWInfo and the actual vcore going into the cores is 1.38v?

in other words, is it normal to have such discrepancy between the socket and the CPU die?

Thanks HWInfo team. Smile
Yes, this depends on more factors and the exact measurement points.
There has been a discussion about this topic with detailed explanation from ASUS here:
I know it's a long thread (and for a bit different board), but I'm sorry I don't remember the exact posts, you will need to make a search.
Thank you Smile

I know that thread and all the other Ryzen related threads Smile Those are some of the threads i was asking in.

So I ran some search and found some of the info. But still seems they're debating about the same thing.

Can I trust HWInfo readings then? are those the actual voltages going into the CPU regardless of the socket voltages?
Sorry, but I can't give you a reliable answer. I don't have enough knowledge in this matter, I only remember that it depends on where exactly you measure the voltage and using what tool.
Alright. Thank you for the info you did help me with. Smile

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