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S.M.A.R.T test failure
[F4] ECC Cumulative Threshold Events:                                           0/50, Worst: 100

The above test has a red circle with an X in it when I run HWiNFO64 v5.06-2640.  The disk is a SanDisk X300 SSD.  Drive Model:   SanDisk SD7SB6S256G1122.  Is this an error to be concerned about or can it be ignored as an incorrect value?
Well, it looks like a failure as the actual value (0) has crossed the threshold (50). But the "Worst: 100" value looks suspicious, as this should reflect the worst value ever recorded, which is reported as 0.
Because of that, it might also be a glitch in the firmware reporting, so I suggest to check with other tools (like CrystalDiskInfo), or SanDisk tools (like to be sure.

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