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Hello, i have a quick question, does my laptop has SATA 2 OR SATA 3 ..? [Image: UFc2a]

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This shows only the capabilities for the drive. For SATA Controller capabilities expand the "Bus" node and locate the respective SATA Controller device.
For 5400 rpm drives it does not matter whether they are connected to SATA-2 or SATA-3, because Bandwidth SATA-2 interface, they have almost threefold margin, and SATA-3 - well, the developer had new chips at hand, so he put them into the scheme.
yea... i would like to buy an SSD, so that's why i was looking at the SATA version..., and i was slightly shocket when i saw that this is an SATA 2... so that's why i've asked here....

so this means that it is actually SATA 3... am i right? Smile

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Yes, 6 Gbps.
ok... nice...! 

thanks a lot...! Smile  

Also i would like to say that  the program hwinfo is symply awesome...!! so... Good Work...! Smile
Thank you Smile
Thanks a lot for this, and the illustration of the difference in drive capability listed by SATA port and the controller capability.  I too have been trying to find out if the desktop I have (not new) has SATA 3.0 (6G/s), which lead me to your great program!

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