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Sensor only mode inactive
First of all, huge thank you for the work on HWiNFO, truly the only piece of software that actually is able to keep my laptop running properly. 

I have recently upgrade to Windows 10 doing a clean install for the first time and installed HWiNFO. The problem I seem to be running into a weird issue. Upon starting HWiNFO up in sensor only mode it scans for hardware but upon finishing I do not get a sensor window and HWiNFO starts running in the background. It doesn't appear to freeze but fails to open up a sensor window and stays open in the background. I have tried various settings and have used a fresh ini file several times to no avail. When running in normal mode, click on sensors also freezes HWiNFO which I find is a bit odd. I have a DBG file of when HWiNFO fails and goes into the background, if nothing useful comes out of the DBG file I can also get one for when it hangs.

HWiNFO Version: 5.20 (I have tried both 64bit and 32bit)

.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 490.9 KB / Downloads: 1)

Thanks in advance.
Please try this build:
and let me know if it still hangs.
(02-15-2016, 08:17 AM)Martin Wrote: Please try this build:
and let me know if it still hangs.

Wow! That build worked like a charm and sensor mode is working again. I'm not sure what you did but it worked great. Thank you martin!  Big Grin
I fixed a bug introduced in v5.20 that can occur when there are multiple page files used in system.
Thanks for your feedback.

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