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Set a timer in Fan window, locks up
In fan settings there is a timer setting in lower left corner of that window...
I played with it...  Inadvertently put in 9 which causes error... But it effectively locks up system because there isn't a way of putting in number above 100 before error window pops up again..... I halted application and un-installed it, and re-installed latest non-beta version...   Same thing happened on new install...
Un-installed it again, and went looking for a directory I expected to find settings in to delete for the next attempted install...
 I never found any data remaining... but if I install it again, it immediately remembers the 9 in the timer settings....
Those settings are stored in the registry.
If you're able to start HWiNFO without going straight into sensors/fan control you can try to hit the Settings button (before Run/launching the scan) and then Reset Preferences.
Otherwise you might run "regedit" from command prompt (admin), locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HWiNFO64\Sensors key and delete the "FanCtrlRespinPeriod" value.
Reset Preferences!!! Darn! You're Good! Continuing on...

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