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Shooter Games: Everything You Need To Know
Playing Flash games is a great way to relax after a long day of work. The gaming industry may have advanced far from its humble origin, but software creators don’t leave Flash games behind.

The main reason is that there are still people who are not professional gamers. They are not really into playing games, either. But they choose browser-based games to freshen up their mind. Plus, gamers that can’t afford expensive consoles or computers can have a fun time with no worries.
Shooter games are the subgenre of action games, and it is by far the classic and most famous type in the game categories. The goal of the game can be whoever has the highest score will win, or you can finish the game by defeating all the opponents. There are hundreds of top selected free online games to play on your computer (PC) with endless shooting, too.
This article will give you brief information about shooter games, with some interesting facts that you may not know.
The Character’s Viewpoint

Shooter games contain two detailed types: first-person shooter, and third-person shooter.
As the name suggested, if you’re playing in the first-person shooter game, you will observe everything from the protagonist’s perspective. This will give you an advantage in aiming the gun because you get a clear view.
Meanwhile, some gamers would prefer the third-person shooter games. You can see the main character, perform actions and explore the world from a point behind or slightly higher than the character.
[Image: uUcRoFs.jpg]
Pirate Galaxy is the science fiction third-person shooting game.
Different Universe and Epic Quests

At first, shooting games were just about the war zone, with soldiers fighting for the peace of their homeland. Later on, depends on the game concept, gamers can enter numerous alternate universes.
You could be trapped in the supermarket flooded with hungry zombies, and your only hope is to act fast and figure out what materials you can use to fight back.
When Earth has been invaded by aliens, it is up to you and your loyal teammates to kick them out of your planet.
Travel back in time to the ancient era and play as the musketeer, the nostalgic icon admired by the people. Hone your skills, get on the horse to set out on your journey.
In-game quests are there to help you earn exclusive rewards that can level up your characters or arm them with powerful weapons. The quests can involve mind-blowing puzzles.
There are some games have a multiplayer option that can provide players to have fun together. These extra options have made shooting games are one of the exciting online games couples can play.
The Storyline, Sounds, and Graphics

For gamers who are sensitive to how the creators deliver the meaning of the game, the storyline is an important factor that they will pay attention to right from the start.
These games have stories with not too much background information to prevent losing the touch of exciting actions.
As for the graphics, shooter games are not completed without realistic fumes caused by nuclear bombs, the shining flare that makes its way through the clouds when soldiers are struggling in the battles, or the bit of gore for the zombies to promote the action-packed feature of the games.
Then what about the sounds?

What you hear during the game can either urge you to go on or cause you to hesitate even for a split second. Veteran game creators know the meaning of that silent moment when the bomb drops, and everything else is blocked out before fading to darkness.
Imagine you are the sniper working on an intense mission. You’ve got the target locked. The gun is loaded. All you have to do is pull the trigger. You can hear your own breath, your heartbeat, then the faint sound of the trigger getting pulled steadily. And finally. Bang!
[Image: myNp846.jpg]
The realistic graphic in BeGone
The Skills You Can Learn from Playing Shooter Games
Interestingly enough, shooter games can help you acquire the skills that can be put to practical use in real life situations.
Understanding Maps
No matter what the universe the game put your character in, you will always be provided with maps. In some cases, you will have to find them on your own.
The maps serve the main purpose of locating the enemies. You can mark their base on the map. If you’re lucky enough, you may find their secret hideouts, which will give you a great advantage in the game.
Now back to the real world. Whenever you travel, always prepare maps and take note of the ones on the boards along the way. Remember that in the worst case scenario where you got lost, the first thing you should look for is a map.
[Image: LFUr9LZ.jpg]
Understanding maps are important.
Quick Reflexes

When you aim for objects in the game, you are using the visual sense to locate the exact spot of what you’re going to shoot.
The objectives are not just about destroying things. In the shooter game, you are fighting against simulated soldiers. They have unexpected movements. The sound effects can startle you continuously, too.
At first, you may miss a few or even lots of shots, but over time, and unknown to you, you will get better reflexes in targeting the right spot.
It is similar to when you play baseball. Once you remain calm and position yourself to have a firm posture, at the split moment the ball leaves the starting point, you will be able to see the direction the ball is heading towards to. In a flash, you will swing and send the ball flying.
Improvements in Brain Function

Thanks to the shooter games, your brain will slowly start to function better. You will analyze real-life circumstances quickly to make the right decision. The coordination of your hand and eyes can help a great deal when you are studying. You are paying attention to the teacher’s lecture, while your hand jots down the notes continuously.
[Image: AyyciFC.jpg]
Shooter games can help you solve problems quickly.
Let’s take a look at another practical example. You need to find something in your room. The problem is, your room is a mess. Searching around every corner would consume a lot of your time, not to mention it can be very tiring.
Your solution is, you stand at the door, picture the object in your head. You know its color. Firstly, you will look for that distinctive color. If the tactic is not successful, you switch the objective to the shape. The plans can change repeatedly until you’ve found what you’re looking for. Wait no longer and enjoy our selection of the top free PC & Mobile Browser games
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But you should resolve it, because it can have a severe negative impact on system performance and stability.
You system has lots of different GPUs so I suppose the problem lies there. Start by trying to remove GPUs and see if that helps.

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