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Showing Remote Values in HWINFO Monitor
Hello everybody,

I'm using HWINFO for some time now in combination with the HWINFO Monitor extension and really like it.

Now I setup a dedicated server for Space Engineers at home on a seperate PC which is also running HWINFO. I also can connect the dedicated server to my main HWINFO so that i can see it's values in the normal HWINFO Sensor. But unfortunatly I can't show these values in the HWINFOMonitor Gadget.

Did I miss the option or isn't it possible at all?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

The current version of HWINFOMonitor doesn't support remote sensors yet, but the latest Rainmeter plugin already does.
We will have to wait for a response from the plug-in author (stangowner) if we can expect such an update to HWINFOMonitor.
Okay, thank you for the fast response!
I plan on adding this capability.  However, it will still be several weeks before I will have something ready.  I'll update this post when it is done.

Hello Nick,

that sounds great, but I also started playing around with Rainmeter yesterday. But also there im not able to connect to the Remote machine. I'll open up a thread in the Rainmeter Area.


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