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[solved]  ASUS R7 260X DirectCU II OC - Missing sensors

I know it's not a bug because this is a custom design by ASUS, but If it's posssible to add missing sensor readings like VDDC Voltage, VDDC Current I'd like to help.
The reference card (in case of both 7790 and 260x) has the NCP81022 voltage regulator, ASUS used a different one: ASP1106D (or just rebranded it ?).

Upload contains the GPU register and SMBus dumps.

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.txt   atigpureg.txt (Size: 42.37 KB / Downloads: 4)
.txt   atismbusdump.txt (Size: 19.03 KB / Downloads: 4)
I will add support of the ASP1106D, but currently I can only report GPU VRM/VDDC voltage. I don't know how to report VDDC current yet Sad
Is voltage monitoring enabled in the latest v4.43-2290 Beta ? It's not showing up. I already tried to reset my layout but doesn't work.
Also uploaded a debug file.

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.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 243.97 KB / Downloads: 1)
Yes, it should be there.
Do you have "GPU I2C Support" enabled in HWiNFO ? If yes and you have no buses excluded, you could try to disable the "GPU I2C Caching" option.
Please let me know the result.
After disabling "GPU I2C Caching" the label showed up but still no values:

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Is it maybe at the bottom of the window ?
Please attach a new Debug File.
No it's not there attached the debug file.

EDIT: Ok I found the problem, the GPU was in idle state. When I forced the highest DPM state the voltage monitor showed up.
But when I lower the voltage (even with 0.001V) using ASUS GPU Tweak it shows incorrect values.
Now it works even when the GPU is in lower P-State, however (I'm not sure if it's a bug) in the lowest (300 MHz) P-State the GPU voltage should be 0.8V but it still shows 1.226V.

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.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 244.75 KB / Downloads: 1)
Thanks for the feedback.
Please try several different values and write down what exactly ASUS / HWiNFO report.
When I don't use ASUS GPU Tweak to change the voltage it shows constantly 1.226 V (probably this is the highest DPM state's voltage which is 1.25770 V) meanwhile the GPU changes P-Sates and voltages and GPU Tweak can monitor them correctly,

From the GPU register dumps:

Quote:------[ GPU PStates List ]------

DPM0: GPUClock = 300 MHz, VID = 0.87269 V
DPM1: GPUClock = 635 MHz, VID = 0.87885 V
DPM2: GPUClock = 770 MHz, VID = 0.96201 V
DPM3: GPUClock = 875 MHz, VID = 1.03285 V
DPM4: GPUClock = 950 MHz, VID = 1.09651 V
DPM5: GPUClock = 1015 MHz, VID = 1.15503 V
DPM6: GPUClock = 1065 MHz, VID = 1.20637 V
DPM7: GPUClock = 1150 MHz, VID = 1.25770 V

When I change from 1.225 V to / HWiNFO shows:

1.220 V / 0 V
1.2 V / 0.451 V
1.188 V / 0.464 V - this is the lowest voltage I can set.
Thanks, but please write the measured "GPU Voltage" values reported by the GPU Tweak Tool (instead of those set). i.e. in the screenshot you posted I see it's set to 1.219V, but reported 837 mV. I believe that 837 mV should match with GPU VRM voltage reported by HWiNFO.
I need to compare those values at different states with those reported by HWiNFO to try to adjust my equation (which might be wrong because the documentation for this chip is not available).
Yes the GPU Voltage in mV is the current GPU voltage which is changing all the time.

I tried to force the GPU clock according to the original DPM states so I can get stable values:

DPM0 - 300 MHz - 850 mV
DPM1 - 635 MHz - 850 mV
DPM2 - 770 MHz - 937 mV
DPM3 - 875 MHz - 1000 mV
DPM4 - 950 MHz - 1062 mV
DPM5 - 1015 MHz - Fluctuates between 1112 mV and 1125 mV
DPM6 - 1065 MHz - Fluctuates between 1162 mV and 1175 mV
DPM7 - 1150 MHz - Fluctuates between 1212 mV and 1225 mV
OK, but in that list please include values reported by HWiNFO too. I need to have them side-by-side with the "GPU Voltage" values reported by the GPU Tweak Tool for comparison.
That is constantly 1.226 V if I don't change the voltage.

Do you need an SMBus or HWiNFO dump from ASP1106D after I change the voltage with GPU Tweak ?
A dump won't help now I'm afraid, since it won't properly capture the values which are dynamically changing and it would be impossible to get it in sync with actual GPU Tweak values.
For me it doesn't matter much which values you set in GPU Tweak. Only those reported by GPU Tweak and HWiNFO at the same time matter, since I need to have them in sync. So to catch various values reported at the same moment and write down what are both reporting. Or include multiple screenshots...
Something like:
0.837 0.432 0.yyyy
etc. At least 3-5 different states if possible.
HWiNFO reports always 1.226 V with the default settings doesn't matter which DPM state is currently active. If I lower or increase the voltage

GPU Monitor -> HWiNFO reports these:

1175 ~ 1187 mV -> 0.464 V
1187 ~1200 mV -> 0.451 V
1237 mV ( I set 1250 in GPU Tweak) -> 1.251 V
1250 mV ( I set 1275 in GPU Tweak) -> 1.276 V
1287 mV ( I set 1300 in GPU Tweak) -> 1.301 V

So apparently if I increase the voltage HWiNFO shows almost the same as GPU Tweak, only lower/idle voltages are not reported correctly.
What if the DPM states are reported from the GPU registers ? If I check the I2C Via ADL shows 0V.
Thanks. Unfortunately this is getting really tricky and I'll probably need a dump.
Best would be to use AIDA64 and generate ATI SMBus dumps at different voltage levels reported by GPU Tweak. Please create such and name the dump files according to the current GPU Voltage level reported by ASUS (e.g. "1175.txt" for 1.175V reported by ASUS). This will probably require to stabilize the voltage for the time while the dump is being created. I don't know if that would be possible, but again at least 5 different levels would be required.
Tried but still can't get a constant voltage. Mostly fluctuates between 2 values where the second is what I set in GPU tweak.

Attached Files
.txt   1175_1187.txt (Size: 19.03 KB / Downloads: 2)
.txt   1187_1200.txt (Size: 18.94 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   1200_1212.txt (Size: 18.94 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   1237_1250.txt (Size: 18.94 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   1287_1300.txt (Size: 18.94 KB / Downloads: 1)
I'm analyzing it now, will report in a short while...
I might need one more dump - when you don't change the voltage. Can you please create such? According to your reports the GPU voltage measured fluctuates in GPU Tweak. If possible, please create a few dumps as before with default voltage and name them according to the voltage reported by GPU Tweak.
Well I tried to make some, but with default settings the voltage ranges are much wider...
Also it seems dumping the SMBus interferes with GPU Tweak's Monitor because after the dump created it jumped to 250 mV which would be impossible the GPU can't operate with such a low voltage.

def1-3: 250 mV - 1000 mV -- min value is impossible
def4-5: 850 mV - 1425 mV -- maximum voltage should be 1225 mV

And AIDA behaves the same way: If I reduce the voltage shows the exact same values as HWiNFO.

Attached Files
.txt   def1.txt (Size: 19.03 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   def2.txt (Size: 18.94 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   def3.txt (Size: 19.03 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   def4.txt (Size: 18.94 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   def5.txt (Size: 21.67 KB / Downloads: 1)

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