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[solved]  Asus CG8480 sensor values
My dad just bought himself a new system and I'm in the process of setting it up and testing. (This one to be exact.)

HWInfo doesn't seem to show the correct voltage values for the board in this PC. There's nothing showing reflecting any 12v or 5v values. I've attached the information I think you need. I have to give him his system this weekend so if you need tests or more information let me know soon. I use HWInfo to troubleshoot game performance issues he has (or had with his current system).


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Thanks, that's exactly all information I need to add support. I'm going to do that now, let me know if you want a new build for testing - I can give it to you within few minutes Wink
If you can, sure! I will have the system until Sunday.

Thanks! Smile
So here it is:
Let me know if it's OK now...
(04-19-2013, 09:47 PM)Martin Wrote: So here it is:
Let me know if it's OK now...

Looks pretty good. The 12v, 5v and 3v information is there. I'm not sure which value reflects the CPU voltage (if that is even a value pulled from the system board or averaging from the CPU).

I've attached a new image and debug log for you to see.

Thanks again! Smile

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Thanks for the feedback. Vcore should reflect the measured CPU Voltage.

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