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[solved]  Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z Gen3 - Errors or no voltage readings
Hi all, I changed recently my motherboard to Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z Gen3, and I noticed that there is no voltage readings.
There is no voltage readings +3.3V, +5V and +12 V. This values need to be transported to my display lcd2usb working with the program LcdSmartie.
Is it possible to do anything in this topic? Heart Today, after returning home, I need to paste screenshots and write additional information you need. Thanks in advance. Wink
I'll check that, but please post those screenshots. Also very helpful would be to post the HWiNFO Debug File.
My screenshot's:
[Image: hw1_zps7b60ddfb.png]

[Image: hw2_zps86d5a64d.png]

[Image: hw3_zps23cc8c85.png]

This is my motherboard:
Please try this build:
and let me know if all is well now. You should see a few more sensors now too Wink
Yay, Angel thank you very much for such a quick settlement of the case. Big Grin You're my best programmer. Heart I see a lot of new readings of my motherboard, there is also a group of Asus ROG, now I have all the data that only generates plate, voltage, temperature, speed and load various items. Thank you again and I will begin testing. With me already night but tomorrow I will write and will paste pictures as much effect with my display that now is the window to my motherboard thanks to your program. Hwinfo is the best. Wink
You're welcome Wink
Martin, Thanks. Angel

And this is my lcd 4x20 at work:

Now I can display on lcd everything in this list:
I have another question, when the computer is in a idle mode my video card (msi r9 270x) shuts down and on the previous motherboard ASUS P8H67-m evo turns reading was 0 and the temperature of 0° C (graphics card). Now the idle speed is shown as 0 but but the temperature is 636 °C which is obviously not true. I have a question if you can do something that the temperature was also shown at 0° ? Maybe a matter of setting or editing the file hwinfo.ini? I will be grateful for your help. Regards, Ariel Wink

Paste snapshot of what it looks like:
[Image: DSC_4722_zpsd4a929da.jpg]

Sure, I can check that. But it would be much better if you could attach the HWiNFO Debug File capturing this situation, so I can see more precisely why that happens.
It might by an issue of the LCD Smartie plug-in...
Exactly the debug file will problem because when I move the mouse or keyboard gfx card wakes up and state her sleep passes. Plugin for LCD smartie is the same that I had previously installed the previous board Asus P8H67-M EVO.

During normal operation, it is all right as in the pictures below:
[Image: DSC_4726_zps0361d007.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4724_zpsfd24b9aa.jpg]

I attach the debug file but the normal state. Wink
Unfortunately I need the Debug File for the situation. You don't need to move the mouse, or press keys in order to capture it.
I'm assuming that it's the plug-in, because HWiNFO can't report such erratic temperature in this case. But I'll know more precisely only if this can be captured in the Debug File.
Thank you for your reply Martin. Hint me how to do it. Wink
The same way as you did before.. Just let HWiNFO run with Debug Mode enabled and when you see the crazy temperature close HWiNFO and attach the DBG file.
Don't worry about waking the card up, the entire run history will be kept in the DBG file including the situation where the temperature went crazy.
It was hard but I have a debug file. Big Grin

ps. - I had to remove earlier attachments due to limitations of the file length.

Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO64.7z.DBG (Size: 42.89 KB / Downloads: 5)
Thanks, now I can see it. I believe HWiNFO should be reporting it properly (either 0, or the value disappears when idle).
You might want to verify this also when you start logging the values in HWiNFO (into CSV) and then checking back the values read.
So I believe the problem is the plug-in. I have sent a message to the author.
Thank you Martin, then I have to wait for the response of the author of the plugin. Will you let me know here if you get an email with the answer? Wink
Yes, will do Wink
Just Super. Blush
Hi Martin, thanks for the heads up on this issue.
I've added a function to LCD Smartie plugin to convert the defined INVALID_READING value to a user configurable replacement.
By default invalid readings will display "NA" which can be changed to any other value in the plugin config: Offline sensor value setting.
I'm assuming an offline sensor will not effect Min/Max/Avg sensor readings?

arielcpu, could you test this plugin version, if it works as expected I'll update my other postings.
Thanks, hurley.

**This will overwrite your existing plugin config, so you'll need to redo any non-default settings you use.
Edit: Also hides Units if sensor value is invalid.

[attachment removed]
refer to: LCD Smartie plug-in for HWiNFO for latest plugin version. (v1.0.2+)
Thanks for the update, hurley. Yes, this invalid value doesn't affect Min/Max and average calculations.
If the test proves OK, I'll update the plug-in in the download section too.

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