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Solved CPU gets overloaded
Hi there, 
you're product is amazing! I've been looking for this kind software for a long time. I wouldn't even mind to pay couple of dollars to support this product.

I am using this software to increase the CPU's RPM and I have a small issue with running this software on the HP Pavilion 3140er laptop. At the initial startup the HWINFO detects the HP ENVY 17/DV6/DV7 sensor and informs me that "reading data from this sensor can higher load or latency... ". Since this is the sensor that it's crucial for measuring the CPU's fan speed - I enable this sensor.

Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9PWwp...VRoXzBub0k

Then I make the "Custom Auto" configuration for the fan, so the HWINFO could detect the temperature of the CPU cores and increase the RPM when it go high (useful feature when the PC is used as the office and gaming PC).


The feature works great, but the mentioned earlier "higher load and latency" takes place every 10 seconds causing my PC to freeze for 2-4 seconds. It repeats all the time while the HWINFO software is running which makes me nearly impossible to use the PC. When I terminate the software - the PC's CPU load is back to normal again.

So far, I've tried to disable all other sensors to see if it will help to resolve the issue, but it didn't. 

Please advise if this problem can be fixed since HWINFO is the only software that detects the necessary sensor on my HP laptop. All other software is useless.

I have been recently dealing with this issue and trying to improve it.
So in the next Beta to be released in a few days, there should be a significant improvement (and lower latency) when accessing the EC sensor.
(08-30-2015, 08:17 AM)Martin Wrote: I have been recently dealing with this issue and trying to improve it.
So in the next Beta to be released in a few days, there should be a significant improvement (and lower latency) when accessing the EC sensor.

Thanks for the update. Indeed, this is a showstopper for the HP laptop like mine. 
Which beta version you're talking about? Is it 5.03 or 5.04?
It will be a new build of v5.03 Beta.
Please check the new v5.03-2610 Beta.
(09-02-2015, 09:35 AM)Martin Wrote: Please check the new v5.03-2610 Beta.

Hi Martin,
actually I've already downloaded and installed v5.04 and confirmed that the CPU lag issue is gone and the application works flawlessly except one thing.

Currently I have "Custom Auto" fan control profile which is set to have minimum 3000 RPM in case if the temperature is below 70C.

Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9PWwpZ...sp=sharing

I have also configured a tray icon to display the RPM and CPU Temp values. The problem is that whenever I start up my PC HWINFO program launches automatically and the RPM icon always shows between 2600-2700 RPM. I can hear that CPU spins quite slowly which proves that these numbers are correct. This is a typical RPM value for my laptop and as you can see the HWINFO doesn't enable 3000 RPM. Then I open the HWINFO software (from tray) and click on the fan control icon. The next thing that happens is that HWINFO "wakes-up" and increases RPM up to 3000 RPM (I can hear that the fan spins faster). From now the fan control profile seems to be enabled since whenever the temperature goes above 70C the RPM increases up to 4000-4500 which is exactly how I configured it.

I think it's a minor issue and probably caused by some bug. Can you please advise if it's possible to fix it?
I think the problem is that when HWiNFO is launched automatically, fan control is not activated.
You need to configure HWiNFO to open sensors on startup and additionally you need to make it activate fan control by including the following option at the end of HWiNFO64.INI file:
Your suggestion worked flawlessly!
Many thanks for your help!
Case is closed!
P.S: I sent my "Thank you" via Paypal. Not much, but at least I wanted to appreciate your time and efforts.
Thank you!

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