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[solved]  GPU Fan control ?

I have a Sapphire Nitro+RX 580 and Win10 64bit.
With the older HWINFO 5.52 the gpu fan control works without a problem.
Today i make a update to v.5.54 and my fan control is gone.

[Image: hwinfo1auwp.png]

What can i do ?
Sorry for my bad english.

Sorry, but I suppose you mean fan speed reporting, not fan control.
Are you sure your fans are not spinning at that moment? Please try to put some load on the GPU and see if you're getting any values.
Damn, i´m an idiot. Angry
You´re right, i mean fan speed reporting.
And you are right again, if i start a game the fan speed works .

[Image: hwinfoy7zdy.png]

Sorry for my useless post. Shy

No problem Smile

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