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[solved]  HWINFO64 Portable - Restarts System Mid-Scan

HWINFO64 Portable
AMD A8-6410 APU

When I start HWINFO64 it will begin to scan.  At approximately the mid-point of the scan it causes the system to restart.
The restart is reproducible during every instance of running HWINFO and it occurs whether I have sensors only or summary only selected.

Attached is the debug (.DBG) file,

.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 80.02 KB / Downloads: 1)

Hope this one can be fixed as I'd really like to use HWINFO.

In any case, Thanks!!
Thanks for your report.
Unfortunately the Debug File doesn't seem to show the exact reason of the crash. Do you have the "Debug Write Direct" option enabled ? If not, please enable it. Do you maybe launch HWiNFO from a drive that is cached ?
You might also try to disable Drive Scan to see if that maybe helps.
Hello Martin,

HWINFO 64 Portable scans until it reaches "Analyzing Video Adapters...".  At that point in the scan it will stall and then restart the system.

I selected Disable Drive Scan, but unfortunately the system restart still occured.

I selected Debug Write Direct and the file is attached below:

.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 124.12 KB / Downloads: 3)

Thanks. I can see now more precisely where the problem occurs, though I'm not yet sure about the cause.
This is in fact a very unique issue never observed before.
Can you please try to upgrade the graphics drivers (and/or system BIOS) to see if that might fix it?
Hello Martin,

Before using HWINFO64 Portable I followed the instructions in the Help File very precisely - I updated all drivers prior to use.

More specifically, I updated the

chipset driver;
graphics driver (latest AMD Radeon (R5) graphics driver); and
all other device drivers; plus
installed one missing driver (AMD PSP 1.0 Device).

Despite my best efforts I have been able to diagnose what is causing the mid-scan system restart.

I've poured through the "Read Me" files in all the AMD folders to ensure drivers were installed correctly, used the built-in Windows driver update function, and even employed Slimware Utilities' SlimDrivers to locate the most recent drivers.

What do you suggest next?

I don't think there's anything more you could do to fix it.
I'll try to implement a workaround for this case in the next build released due sometime next week. If you need a fix sooner, please let me know.
Here's an intermediate build that should fix your problem:
Please let me know if it's OK now.
Well Martin, this has, without a doubt, been the easiest, fastest bug fix - ever. My experience here has been overwhelmingly positive.

HWINFO64 Portable functions...and it is a real gem!

I do not have time to review its complete functionality at this very moment, but the build you provided scans completely within 5 seconds.

Once I get a chance to review it thoroughly I will update you on the build here.

You Da Man!
Thanks for the feedback Smile
Hello Martin,

Due to an unrelated issue I had to Refresh my PC. Consequently, I lost the 447 Beta build of HWINFO Portable.

If at all possible would you re-link it so that I can download the .zip file?


Please use the latest public Beta version. It includes that fix and all subsequent versions will as well.

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