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[solved]  HWiNFO only shows 4 cores instead of 6 (Ryzen 5 1600)
HWiNFO only shows 4 cores instead of 6. I got a Ryzen 5 1600 on a MSI B350 PC Mate Mainboard. The windows task manager is showing me all 6 cores (and 12 threads).
Is this showing in system summary and sensors too?
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis of the problem.
It only shows me 4 cores if I start the application sensors-only.

Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 380.76 KB / Downloads: 2)
So if you don't start with Sensors-only then it shows 6 cores ?
Okey sorry, there was a little mistake in my question. So it shows me the 6 cores but it doesn't show me the temp of all 6 cores (there are only 4 vertical columns).
AMD CPUs don't support per-core temperature monitoring. They report only a single temperature for the entire CPU die.
If you see per-core temperatures in other tools, then those are just fake copies of the same value.
But why does HWiNFO show me 4 different temps then?
Which ones? Please attach a screenshot.
Here it is.

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So you're confused by those 4 columns? As the heading says, it's for: Current, Minimum, Maximum and Average value of each sensor.
Omg I don't know how I could overlook that. Thank you for your help and sorry for my incompetence  Blush

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