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[solved]  HWiNFO64 - Auto Start & Fan Control not working properly
using HWiNFO64 v4.08...

I have it on two separate Win7 x64 PCs (one HP laptop & one Dell desktop).

I have both of them set to Auto Start and have tried every combination of Display / Minimize settings under Configuration.

No matter what I try the results are the same on both PCs...

1. HWiNFO64 launches and invokes UAC - thus, the screen dims and I must OK the startup

2. HWiNFO64 does not invoke the custom fan settings I have set. I must open HWiNFO64 sensors and then click the 'fan' button - the changes then take effect within 1 second as they should.

Please help

thank you
I have already replied in the other thread where you asked the same:
thx, I did not get alerted to the post... I'll try that!

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