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[solved]  HWiNFO64 v5.22 memory leak
OS Win7 SP1 x64, RAM 16 Gb. Found memory leak if HWiNFO64 work as server network rules:

at startup see using 27,97 Mb


+52 sec


Noticed by chance after an update Process Hacker to version drawing attention to the fact that the size of the Private Bytes (application memory Process Hacker terminology) is 487.96 MB.

Settings are reset, but a memory leak occurs. although at a lower relative velocity.

Thanks for the report, will check that.
I assume the server role is the remote sensor monitoring function, correct ?
Is it only enabled to work as server, or is the machine also connected to another ?
The machine works only in server mode, network monitoring happens with a remote console. If you disable network monitoring the working set does not change over time - the peak value of 26.78 mb, and I see free memory at runtime:

I found the memory leak. Ouch Angry Will be fixed in the next build !
Ok! I wait.

Big thanks! I check new beta on some system that found memory leak, but only Process Hacker is updated up to latest development build v2.39.0.93 (plugins-extra Git-b1832acced6). Test resume:


memory leak is fixed, issues resolved.
Thanks for the test and feedback.
Always please. If Your needed latest build Process Hacker (my build included x86 & AMD64 binary, dbghelp.dll and manual) please - Process_Hacker-bin.7z - i always latest build included standard and plugins-extra (development, can be unstable) plugins.

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