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[solved]  HWinfo64 OSD Insert
I am of use HWinfo64 for the insertion OSD in Benchmarks and Games, after I have provided the values OSD, I get new thing always this comma sign before the values OSD, this was not earlier in such a way. How can one remove this comma sign?

See here:
[Image: hwinfoosdinsert.jpg]

Thanks Zotac2012
Please show me what settings in HWiNFO you use for the OSD - at least for the first line shown (GTX 970 Takt).
Here the Setting in HWinfo64: 
[Image: hwinfo64setting1.jpg]  [Image: hwinfo64setting2.jpg]

mfg Zotag2012
Setting the OSD Column to 1 should fix it.
With the OSD Setting Column 1 I had first, however, this has not functioned, the first row is correct, but everything afterwards has the comma sign. What I do not understand where of this Coming is put. Has checked all settings, but there is no setting in the Hwinfo64 which puts such a comma before the name. I do not understand this, earlier had this have functioned and now have not changed any more although I nothing in the settings.

[Image: hwinfo64osdinsert.jpg]  [Image: hwinfo64osdsetting1.jpg]  [Image: hwinfo64osdsetting2.jpg]  [Image: hwinfo64osdsetting3jpg.jpg]

mfg Zotac2012
Those commas are added automatically by HWiNFO, there have been changes recently to add support of multiple labels.
I see on the screenshot, that with Column=1 it looks OK, so you should change all items to Column=1 and all will be OK.
(11-21-2015, 06:31 PM)®Zotac2012 Wrote: @Martin
OK, now I have placed in all Lines on Column 1 and now it functions as well as it should be. Wink Strange it is only which I have made earlier always thus Line 1 / Column 1 Line 2 then / Column 2 et cetera, this had always functioned.  Huh  But it is important which as looks it now again as his has to do, the comma has done me in the insanity.
Thanks Martin for your help!!! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin


[Image: hwinfo64osdfunction.jpg]

greets Zotac2012
You're welcome.

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