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[solved]  Hwinfo 64 crashing/causing BSOD when sensors load

.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 976.74 KB / Downloads: 2) Hi - I'm using Hwinfo 64 v 4.26 to monitor temps and fan speed on my laptop. On this release and the one prior, I've had issues with it crashing the entire system once the sensors load. This only seems to happen when the little fan icon appears next to the 'reset values' button. Sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't. If it shows, it always crashes. Most of the time it causes a BSOD, but ocassionally it will just lock everything up and I will have to do a hard restart. It just crashed twice on me in the last couple of minutes. The first two times the fan icon was next to the reset button, the third time it wasn't and has been running fine since I loaded it. I've also attached a bug report, but it looks like they overwrite, so this one may not be from the last crashSad

The fan sensor also seems to be very fickle on my machine, sometimes I get readings, sometimes I don't. The last time I loaded the sensors, no fan sensor appeared, then a few minutes later, it was there.

When I got the BSOD, there was a message that said:

Lastly, when I do get a BSOD, the fan kicks into overdrive and runs full blast until I reset it. The temps were running just under 50c , so it's not overheating. I had problems with overheating a few months ago - I cleaned out the fan, replaced the thermal paste and reseated the heat sink, and it's been fine ever since.
Please try to disable the "SW SMI" option in Settings/Safety and let me know if that fixed the issue.
(10-29-2013, 06:16 PM)Martin Wrote: Please try to disable the "SW SMI" option in Settings/Safety and let me know if that fixed the issue.

So far, so good. I disabled the sw smi option and have launched Hwinfo about 10 times since with no incident. Thanks so much for the help. Will post again if I run into any further problems.
Thanks for the feedback.

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