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[solved]  IRF IR3563A VRT2 68 °C
all temps are fine except that 1

i found its the digital pwm controller, but can't find anything on the safe max temp


should i be worried about this?


screen of all temps
[Image: 2emflaa.jpg]
There's no reason to be worried about such temperatures for the VRs, since they usually run at higher temperatures. On some boards under load, the VR temperature can easily hit 80-90 C. All depends on VR cooling provided by the manufacturer - some ship boards with passive and some active VR cooling. If you'd like to bring the values down, you might adjust your case fans to blow air at the VR part.

I have also a question Smile I see you have the new series Gigabyte mainboard, which yet lacks proper sensor adjustments in HWiNFO. Could you please help me with this? If you would attach/send me the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data and a screenshot of Gigabyte Easytune tool showing actual temperature/voltage/fan values, I could adjust HWiNFO to show proper values too.
thank you Martin

i can help you with the debug part

but for some reason easy tune crashes everytime i try to start it

it worked the first few times

so have to try and find a fix first

wil reinstall maybe that wil solve it...wil post later
tryed everything but it just wont start anymore

sorry martin unable to help for now
Then we can try an alternative way.
1. Please submit the Debug File with Sensor data.
2. Please go into BIOS and check the System Health screen. Either make a photo of that screen, so that all values are visible, or write down the actual values and post them here.
i finaly got it to work Smile

for some reason it needs mb_driver_intel_me_8series "intel management engine components" installed

hope i did everything correct here it is

.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 675.09 KB / Downloads: 2)

Thanks for the data, that's what I needed.
I'll adjust HWiNFO to report correct sensor values as Easytune.

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