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[solved]  NO pch temperature v5.50
MSI Z87-G43
Missing temperature indicator of PCH. He was never there. And this morning he appeared once(He showed 39 degrees.) and after that he disappeared again(AIDA64 show this indicator always). What can be the problem and how can this be solved?

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Monitoring of PCH temperature on Intel chipsets is disabled by default, because it can cause problems on some systems.
You need to enable this in the main settings of HWiNFO by checking the "Enable PCH Thermal Device" option.
I do not see it here.
UPD. I found. Thank you.
And what can you say about the indicator AUXTIN1 and AUXTIN3? They show incomprehensible meanings. Strange values show they are very unstable.

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Those values are most probably invalid readings from sensors that are not connected on this mainboard.
Thanks for the quick answers. The topic can be closed. Smile

Judging by the sensors, these sensors are not used in the circuitry of the board and it is likely that at their output we see the result of a change in the zero bias voltage at the input of their measuring circuits.
Another. Energy consumption indicator of DRAM. When I use memory up to 2133, it is displayed normally (in idle 2-3 watts, in the load up to 6 watts). And when the DRAM is at the frequency of 2400, then in idle time 9 watts, and in the load up to 18 watts shows. What is the problem?

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I believe this is just an estimation of the DRAM energy consumed done by the CPU, not a true measurement.
Just do not pay attention to this?

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