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[solved]  No reading for GPU. Sysinternals' Process Explorer works fine.

I'm using v4.60 on a Lenovo Z70-80 laptop with an Nvidia GeForce GT 840M card.
In HWiNFO, the entry for the GPU is blank with no readings.

However, using Process Explorer (, it shows the correct GPU usage.

Any ideas welcome.


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I believe this is because your GPU is switched off by the NVIDIA Optimus technology to preserve power. It will be switched on when there's higher demand on graphics.
HWiNFO doesn't keep the GPU enabled, thus it cannot read any values from it - this is also to preserve power. I'm not sure what exactly Process Explorer reports, but I don't think that's a true value for that GPU (if disabled then even NVIDIA's own drivers don't report anything).
If you run a graphics intensive application, or manually enable that GPU, you'll see that all values will appear in HWiNFO.
Hi Martin and thanks for the quick reply.
Indeed, that was my first thought so I had already visited and maxed out the number of fish. (I should have mentioned that already).
If I look at Process Explorer I can see the GPU at 70-80%, but it HWiFNO the panel remains blank.
In that case please attach the HWiNFO debug file capturing the situation when the GPU is loaded.
Also in case you have changed the order of sensor items, you might want to look at the bottom of the sensors list (they might be placed there).
Hi, attached.

GPU D3D Usage goes up to 100% but I can't see any entries for the GPU itself.

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.csv   log.CSV (Size: 5.65 KB / Downloads: 2)
Sorry, I meant the HWiNFO Debug File, which can be created as described here:
But according to the log you posted it still seems as if the NVIDIA GPU is disabled and all the work is done by the iGPU in CPU. You might also try to open the NVIDIA Control Panel (which can usually enable the DGPU) to see if the values appear in HWiNFO. Or search for a switch on the machine to manually enable the NVIDIA GPU.

hopefully the attached is what you're after.

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.zip (Size: 88.46 KB / Downloads: 1)
Yes, that's it and it confirms my assumptions - your NVIDIA GPU is always disabled.
So it seems the GPU load reported by other tools is the load of the iGPU (in Intel CPU), not the NVIDIA one. The tests you started were in fact running on the iGPU.
Please refer to my previous post for further instructions.
And here's one with the GPU forced on in the NVIDIA control panel.

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.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 448.22 KB / Downloads: 1)
(04-23-2015, 10:55 PM)Genergy Wrote: And here's one with the GPU forced on in the NVIDIA control panel.

This one doesn't include sensor data in the dump, but from the short sequence captured there I see that the DGPU is still disabled.
Indeed, that was the problem.
Thanks for your help.

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