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[solved]  Report
After I disable certain components while generating the REPORT, the other parameters are still present in the report but with blank sections. This doesn't look good and professional, especially when I send system config info to certain forums, they have to scroll all the way to the bottom or the middle to see the corresponding text. For instance if I have included only Video to be included in the report.

Please correct this so that the report generated shows only values for the selected components without any blank sections.
I know about this issue and have it on my list Wink
Thank you Martin. I hope it could be corrected soon. Thanks for a wonderful utility. Smile
This issue shall be fixed in the next build released.
(12-07-2013, 12:10 AM)Martin Wrote: This issue shall be fixed in the next build released.

Great news. Big Grin

Also HwINFO has been selected as the new top pick for Best Free System Information Utility at Gizmos Freeware

Incidentally one of the con's for HwINFO in that article has been about this topic

Quote:Report generation produces blank details for items deselected.
Thanks for letting me know. I hope they will review the cons when the new version is released Wink
awesome Big Grin keep up the good work guys.. Big Grin i think i am commenting on forum threads :/
Just a gamer Big Grin

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