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[solved]  [SOLVED] HWiNFO64 crashes when choosing sensors screen
Hi Martin, thanks for very handy piece of software!

Weird thing, never had any problems with HWiNFO64 before.  Today, I realized HWiNFO was not in tray as it usually sits there for me.  And whenever I spin the sensors screen it just crashes.

I tried to reinstall, and it worked for one time. Sensors showed up.  But then gone again.

Didn't do any major hardware and software upgrades, frankly speaking nothing literary changed.

Attaching debug file.


Attached Files
.dbg   HWiNFO64.DBG (Size: 733.97 KB / Downloads: 2)
Try to do a Reset Preferences from the main settings if that helps.
@Martin, I did reset my RAM XMP profile. And it seemed like hwinfo didn't like my XMP RAM overclock, thought can't prove that.

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