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Solved Sensor readings not showing up on Logitech G19 screen
I've tried to set some sensor readings to show up on the the keyboard's display, but they don't show up. I've set the line to 1, column to 1, etc but it still won't show up.

What i've tried:
- Resetting preferences
- Re-installing Logitech software

When i go into the logitech software on the actual PC, it is detecting HWiNFO, but it won't display the readings on the screen. Only my MSI Afterburner readings are being displayed.

I once had this working when i used this keyboard on a laptop, so i have no idea what the problem is now.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Maybe attaching a few screenshots/photos might better show what's exactly going on.
But generally I suggest to update to the latest Logitech software, because some older versions had issues with this.
Also, check if the LCD screen assigned in HWiNFO is properly switched to on the LCD.
(05-02-2014, 10:17 AM)Martin Wrote: Also, check if the LCD screen assigned in HWiNFO is properly switched to on the LCD.
Ah! You've solved it! That was stupid of me, haha. I always thought it would naturally show up inside the MSI Afterburner app on the LCD. I could swear it used to do that a long time ago :O. Oh well, i'll just use the HWiNFO GPU temps for the GPU. They're the exact same anyway.

And while i'm on this forum i might as well just say that this software is just brilliant. So damn useful.

And i seriously need to thank you for that fast reply! Did not expect help that quick, so lots of respect to you.
You're welcome Wink

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