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[solved]  Updated to 5.82 and Cannot Launch
So I updated HWiNFO to v5.82 and whenever I try to launch it i get an error state that it cannot install the HWiNFO driver. The HWiNFO window gets stuck on Initilalizing Kernel Driver.
Please check here:
I like to think I'm not computer illiterate, but I can't seem to find the driver in device manager. Maybe you can point me in the right direction or post a screen shot or something.
That driver doesn't appear in Device Manager. One proposed solution was to launch HWiNFO and go into settings before launching the scan.
Well I cannot launch HWiNFO because as it is starting to open with that loading bar filling up I get the error.
But even in such case you can reach the settings menu. Right after launching HWiNFO choose Settings instead of Run.
Thanks I was dumb lol, but I seemed to have fixed the issue now running as admin, disabling persistent driver, and installing.

Thanks so much.

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