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[solved]  VDDCI / AUX voltage for Hawaii video cards
Hi Martin,

MSI AB / GPU-Z shows VDDCI / Aux Voltage for hawaii video cards, can HWiNFO also show this?

Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File including sensor data (make sure to also start sensors) and I'll check if this can be added.
Updated to current latest full build v5.12-2740 and restored program to defaults, etc and can see VDDCI / AUX voltage Smile .

[Image: S737uBj.jpg]

Many thanks for your swift reply Smile and sorry for delay on me replying  Blush .
Thanks for the feedback.
No worries Smile , least I could do considering how well you support app  Cool .

Also worked out that the GPU VRM labels below VDDCI are RAM side of controller monitoring, HWiNFO is truly a great app Heart .

[Image: 2WRs0h5.jpg]
[Image: tUn3RhS.jpg]

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