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[solved]  Vcore for MSI Z97 PC Mate
I am new to this, so please bear with me. I recently acquired the Micro Center bundle including the MSI Z97 PC Mate and the Pentium G3258. I read a bit on overclocking and started experimenting. I wanted to confirm my Vcore, but I don't see that sensor listed. the VIN10 reading looks pretty close to me, but there's nothing called Vcore

on a side note, my Vccin sensor reads exactly half what I expect.

sensors I see: Vccin Vccp2 AVCC 3VCC VIN4-6 3VSB VBAT VTT VIN10/12/13/14
(there's also Core#0 VID and Core#1 VID but I understand that's not actual Vcore?)

here's a screenshot with hwinfo
HWiNFO needs to be adjusted for your mainboard to show correct voltages.
Please download the new HWiNFO32/64 v4.43-2285 Beta and let me know if it shows proper values now.
thanks that did the trick! I remember thinking should I get beta? nah stable release is probably better
There are usually no issues with Beta builds and they are as stable as the stable ones Wink Most of the time it's just a sort of pre-release.

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