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[solved]  graphs alignment/management
Hello, is there any option to align graphs to rows or columns or set size of them other way then dragging the borderline? Its kinda difficult to set them up when using more of them. And also there is problem when i reduce size, the field on the right side with min/max/current value and fit y/reset will shrink that fields are inaccesible.Its possible to make the graphs and values field shrinking equaly, or maybe option to show graph only?
I have such alignment and some other enhancements for graphs in the plan Wink
Cool, keep up the good work.
Hello again, graphs snaping works very nice. I have one idea which could make graphs management even more practical, its to add an option to hide control of each one graph window, as range setting or fiy y or reset.. some button or somethin like that.
This will be implemented in the next build - clicking the plot area will toggle full/original plot area width Wink
Very cool, looking forward to it xD
It has already been released in v5.23, Build 2823 Beta Wink
It is indeed xD. And it works just right, thank you. It can be marked as solved tho.

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