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[solved]  strange values
Hi there,

since version 5.02 i get very strange values if i log my games and open it wiith generic log viewer. HWiNFO itself shows everything correct as usual. I tried the viewer version 3.01 from another thread here with the same result. I uploaded some screenshots from the viewer and a log file too.
I love this software and hope there is a simple answer. Is there a link to older versions, i unfortunately deleted all my older versions.


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.csv   diablo 3 full hd.CSV (Size: 26.32 KB / Downloads: 2)
There's a bug in the CSV report in that version. Please download the latest Beta v5.05, it's fixed there.
Thanks for the answer but i have to disappoint you Sad v5.05-2635 has the same problem, at least for me. I deinstalled the v5.04-2630 via programes and features before, do i need to clean the registry too, if yes how can i?
No need to reinstall anything, it should be enough just to replace the files.
Please attach the new CSV file from v5.05-2635 so I can check it.
Have a look at the GPU values

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.csv   diablo 3 full hd 2.CSV (Size: 43.43 KB / Downloads: 2)
I don't see a problem in this log. If you open it in some table processing tool like Excel, you will see that all is well.
Are you sure you're still getting the same problems with this log? If yes, the problem must be somewhere else - Generic Log Viewer maybe?
For me the table looks like this (screenshot). How can you see anything in there?

After i reinstalled HWiNFO 5.05-2635 and gemeric log viewer v3.1 again, this combination seems to work right. Its nice, thank you for your help, thats amazing. Its just strange because i tried this already.

I will keep you up to date about this.

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just wanted to add that all is working fine now Smile
Thanks for the feedback.

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